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Always a bridesmaid never a bride.

When you think of bridesmaids you think of your best friends, sisters, cousins, or someone else you are super close to. They have a long list of duties to help the bride...from planning the bachelorette party to helping her get into her dress, the list goes on.

Traditionally speaking, bridesmaids were supposed to dress exactly like the bride. Why? To confuse evil spirits that wanted to harm the bride.

Nowadays bridesmaids don't dress exactly like the bride. They don't even necessarily dress like each other! Check out the photos below for some of our favorite looks for bridal parties big and small! All of these styles are available at Amour Bridal in Cedar Park!

Mori Lee Florals mixed with lace/chiffon bridesmaids dresses

Sorella Vita Gold Bridesmaids dresses

Mix it up with different bridesmaids styles from Sorella Vita

Sorella Vita neatural chiffon bridesmaids dresses

Sorella Vita burgandy chiffon bridesmaid dresses perfect for fall

Mori Lee Metallic Bridesmaids dresses

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