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Different shades of...white?

It's time to talk about the different colors of wedding dresses (bet you didn't realize you have options?). The options out there are seemingly endless! But the realty is, there's several different color names for the same color. For example: one designer may say the dress comes in " Champagne" but another designer may call it "Honey", others will use words like "taupe" or "nude". I'll be honest, each season I roll my eyes at the new options that designers come up with (do we really need 4 different names for the champagne color?). Not to worry though! Your bridal stylist will help you navigate this and find the perfect dress for you!

So let's dive in and start with the biggest misconception: IVORY vs WHITE.

Ivory is what we refer to as "bridal white". About half of our sample gowns are in ivory, the other half are in a speciality color (more on that later). We tend not to have samples in a true white, which actually has a blue undertone. Many brides come in thinking they want the traditional white dress. When we show them white vs. ivory, they choose the ivory.

Ivory has warmer undertone. It's important to know the difference when planning your whole wedding look. If your dress is Ivory you'll want to make sure the flower girl is also in ivory and that your veil matches accordingly.

Now let's talk about the specialty colors.

Many dresses come in other colors such as champagne, blush, nude, or honey, we even have a couple dresses that come in smokey lavender! This is where it gets complicated as each designer has their own color chart and several different shades, BUT not every dress comes in the same color options. Are you still with me? Like I said, your bridal stylist will be your best resource to help you find exactly what you want.

Lace dresses will always have IVORY lace and the color comes from the underskirt. What is great about this is you really see the detail of the lace and beading. Check out some pictures below of our darker tones compared to the ivory.

Lace wedding dresses Austin, Tx

Wedding dress with lace sleeves Austin, TX

Boho wedding dress Austin, Texas

I hope this will help you in your journey to find the perfect dress! My advice is go in with an open mind. Try on some colors, and try on some ivory! I'd say we order about 50% ivory dresses and 50% in darker tones so weather you want the traditional bridal white or a modern twist, you can't go wrong!

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