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Calling all Disney Princesses!

With all the extra time at home these days with my 3 year old daughter who LOVES Disney movies, I'm drawing some inspiration from Disney princesses! From ballgown glory to mermaid chic, here are some of the dresses available at Amour Bridal that are perfect for a Disney princess!

1. Cinderella

Is there anything more quintessential when talking about ballgowns? This is one of my favorite ballgowns in the store and has the most intricate beaded pattern making it truly fit for a princess!

2. Ariel

I realize that when Ariel marries her prince, her wedding dress is a long sleeve ballgown...however, how can I NOT pick a mermaid as my Ariel inspiration?

3. Belle

Another ballgown making the list! This off the shoulder dress just screams Princess Belle (although some my argue she isn't really a princess, but according my daughter she is so that's all that really matters!).

4. Elsa

Perhaps my daughters favorite Disney Princess (or technically Queen), I of course could not leave Elsa off this list! The picture doesn't do this dress justice! There is light beading all over the lace giving this dress the right amount of sparkle! This dress is offered in a lined or unlined version.

5. Pocahontas

This Lillian West dress brings the earthy tones we'd expect from a wedding dress inspired by Pocahontas. This a-line wedding dress offers a leafy flower design on the lace, and a nude undertone.

So what do you think? Which Disney Princess do YOU relate to?

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Huzaifa Siddique
Huzaifa Siddique
20 de jun. de 2022

I like it!

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