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Bridal Gown Glossary

I want my dress to have that thing where it is tight here and then goes out”

“How will I dance in this for the reception? Will I get one of those things?”

We hear about all the “things” in our appointments and we usually know exactly what you mean!! However, there are some common terms you might hear while shopping for your gown that would be helpful to know! Amour Bridal has got you, here is our Bridal Gown Glossary to help you out.

That super long thing behind you? That is the train. The train is such a beautiful statement on a gown that just says “bridal”.

Bustle – When the train is gathered and secured at the back of your gown so that it is out of the way for the reception or after party. You get this added in alterations and your seamstress will make sure that the style of bustle doesn’t take away from the beauty and design of the dress.

Hollow to Hem – This a measurement pertaining to the length of your gown. This means the hollow of your neck to the hem of the gown.

Special Order – Our store is a mostly special-order store which means that you will try on our sample gown during your appointment but we will special order you your actual gown. We take your measurements and match it up to the designer’s size chart and order the best size option!

Sample/Off the rack – the dress you try on is the dress you get! These are usually offered at a discounted price. Remember the Friends episode when Monica shops her dress? Kinda like that but less dramatic 😊

Petticoat – Want to make your dress appear fuller on the bottom? A petticoat is a slip you wear under your dress with tulle or crinoline to add volume. It usually comes separate from the dress itself and varies in fullness.

Blusher – The second layer on a veil meant to cover your face while walking down the aisle.

If there are any other terms you would love to know more about, drop them in the comments! Happy Shopping!

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