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Calling all Honeymooners – A Review of Birdsong Cabins, Wimberley TX

This last July was my and my husband’s 8th anniversary. We always make sure to celebrate our day but the most important thing is that it has to be easy!! Over the summer we usually do several beach trips with our family so for our anniversary, we don’t want to drive too far or be gone too long and that is how we discovered Birdsong Cabins. Well, actually my husband found them online 😊 (shout out!)

They are located in Wimberley, just a 45-minute drive from our home in North Austin. The thing that sold us on the place was the PRIVACY and that was hands-down the BEST thing about them!! We stayed for 2 nights in the Blue Bird Cabin and it was everything that was promised. Each cabin has a private pool and hot tub. Once we checked in, we did not see a single other person but each other and that was exactly what we were looking for. We spent 2 full days swimming, eating, and drinking in total seclusion and it was exactly the disconnect-to-reconnect that we needed!

We brought all of our own food and drinks so we didn’t have to go “into town”. There are some restaurants in the area that previous guests had enjoyed but we were looking to be lazy. There is also an HEB super close for those last-minute items!

Keep in mind if you are planning to go in the dead of summer that the cabin has a window unit and takes a bit to cool off properly. We didn’t mind it too much because we were swimming so much!! Overall, this is a beautiful year-round option for couples looking to get away for a bit without breaking the bank or having to drive hours but you still get that peaceful feeling of being miles away.

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