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Featured Designer: Lillian West

Modern inspired...romantic designs....all things that describe one of our newest designers Lillian West. Parent company, Justin Alexander, came out with the Lillian West line to offer a simple and rustic option to modern brides. The line brings incredibly unique laces and lightweight styles which perfectly compliments so many Texas wedding venues. Read on to see our top sellers as well as an exciting announcement at the end!

Top seller here at Amour Bridal is style 6515.

You have the option to have this dress with or without the slit. This lightweight chiffon gown is perfect for battling a hot summer wedding here in Texas.

Second up is style 6422.

Very similar to style 6515 just with sleeves a thicker lace. Can you believe that back!?

I am such a sucker for a key hole back! This dress will really show off your curves!

This dress brings such a different look! There is a touch of bling throughout the lace and the light tulle bottom flows so nicely.



We will have all the dresses from the Fall 2018 collection in store for 1 weekend only! These dresses are not yet in stores so you don't want to miss this SNEAK PEAK.

Say yes to your dress during the trunk show and save 10%!!!*

*(only applies to Lillian West gowns)

To book your appointment please call 512-596-5683

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