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Featured wedding venue: Kindred Oaks

ne of my favorite wedding venues is Kindred Oaks located in Georgetown, TX. We've had the pleasure of participating in many of their open houses and have met some amazing brides and wedding vendors through them!

This wedding venue has the perfect balance of romantic ambiance and Texas country charm! With the strung lights and candle lit accents, you can't go wrong saying "I DO" at Kindred Oaks.

I had the opportunity to speak with Elaine Lincoln, co-owner with her husband Steve, and asked her some questions to help brides in their search for the perfect venue.

(Learn more about Steve and Elaine here).

1) What is the most special thing about Kindred Oaks?

"We just celebrated 15 years creating all these wedding dreams and I must say the most special thing about Kindred Oaks are in fact, all those hundreds of couples who've celebrated here and that have gone on to build families and lives of their own. We had so many couples reach out and send us "before" and "now" pictures of their wedding day and then where they are now; with children, jobs, puppies, you name it. We published them on our website this past week and it's truly like I have a thousand grand kids out there, lol! So, so many of them are still friends, or Facebook friends and I get to catch up with them and it gives us great joy."

2) What is a piece of advice you would give brides searching for their perfect venue?

"Oh gosh, I suppose that I routinely tell them to think ahead 5 years and then try to look back and wonder what it was that made that day special. What is the feeling that you'd like to remember and then try to find the place that reflects that. And have fun while you're at it! If it stops being fun, step away!"

3) What is your most popular wedding package and why?

"We feature one basic package with lots of customization but it's hugely popular because we make it super simple, very affordable and we end up doing all the work, while they end up creating a lifetime of memories; all as it should be!"

4) Finally, what is something you wish brides knew ahead of booking a venue?

"I wish they knew that it really does take a level of experience to pull off a grand day like a wedding. You wouldn't trust your car to a DIY mechanic who just liked to look at cars but had never worked on them, and you should think of this the same way. There are a million things that can go wrong and you want someone who can preempt a lot of that pain or mitigate it with calm and reason. It's a big deal and we make it look super easy but it's because we're just really good at what we do and we're super blessed to have that honor."

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures of Kindred Oaks!

Kindred Oaks is located at 2100 COUNTY ROAD 176 · GEORGETOWN, TX 78628

Contact: 512.260.9690

Kindred Oaks usually has monthly open houses so be sure to follow them on Facebook or give them a call to find out when the next one will take place!

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