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My top picks for our Bridesmaid Sample Sale

You may have heard we are having an end of the year bridal sample sale (book your appointment here for bridal), but in case you didn't know we are also having a bridesmaid sample sale! Dresses are priced at $25 for discontinued dresses, $50 for Sorella Vita dresses, and $100 for Mori Lee Bridesmaid dresses. Regular prices on these dresses range from $130 - $400 so as you can see there are some AMAZING deals to be had!

This sale is great if you are in a wedding party and can pick your own dress. You can even outfit a whole bridal party if you are doing mix and match styles!

It's also great if you are going to be a guest of a wedding, or have a holiday party coming up. With these prices you may want to buy a couple dresses to have in your closet ready to go for the right event that may pop up!

Here are my some of my favorites you can buy off the rack:

Sorella Vita 8718

Size: 10

Color: Gold

Original Price: $329

Sale Price: $50

Sorella Vita 9094

Size: 12

Color: Burgundy

Original Price: $229

Sale Price: $50

Mori Lee 21573

Size: 8

Color: Navy

Original Price: $139

Sale Price: $100

Sorella Vita 9150

Size: 16

Color: Forest

Original Price: $265

Sale Price: $50

Mori Lee 21651

Size: 24

Color: Black

Original Price: $197

Sale Price: $100

Sorella Vita 9058

Size: 10

Color: Parisian Rose

Original Price: $239

Sale Price: $50

Mori Lee 21547 (style discontinued)

Size: 8

Color: Eggplant

Original Price: $155

Sale Price: $25

I'd love to hear what YOU think? Which of these would you love to wear to a holiday party or guest a wedding?

Sale going on through December 29th, 2019!

Don't forget to make an appointment! For bridesmaids appointments call 512-596-5683.

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