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The Princess Revival

The princess look is back, not just in one way but two, and I’m loving every minute of it! The fairytale princess look is generally defined by a sweetheart neckline, a fitted bodice that is usually intricately detailed and a large ballgown skirt with enough crinoline to keep a five foot radius around the bride at all times. If Cinderella would rock it, it’s a princess ballgown. This look continues to be sought after by so many brides for the obvious reason, what better chance will they have to be a literal princess for a day if not on their wedding day?! Designers like our very own Martin Thornburg have continued to make this look relevant by designing dresses that are just as spectacular and show-stopping as they were in the days of carriages, balls and princes searching for princesses at those balls. Here are three of my current favorite princess ballgowns that we have here at Amour Bridal as well as an exclusive sneak peek of the ballgown I am beyond obsessed with from Martin Thornburg’s Spring 2020 collection.

Martin Thornburg 218209
Martin Thornburg 218209

Morilee 8182

Martin Thornburg 120255

Coming Spring 2020!!

The other princess look taking the wedding gown industry by storm is the modern princess which was given a much needed makeover when Prince Harry married Meghan Markle in May 2018. Overall, this is a much more simple look than the fairytale princess ballgown and typically don’t have much in the way of lace or beading. The shape is completely different as well, favoring a body hugging silhouette and thicker fabrics such as crepe or matte satin. The dresses below are my favorite modern princess styles that we have in-store, as well as a sneak peek of the dress I’m dreaming about the most from Sophia Tolli’s Spring 2020 collection.

Sophia Tolli Y12026

I am such a huge fan of both of these looks because they capture the two sides of every bride. The fairytale princess ball gown embodies the young, fun and playful spirit of every girl or woman who is approaching her wedding day; while the modern, fitted look plays up the sophisticated, new wife that she’s becoming. If I had it my way we would all have multiple weddings (same man, different dresses of course) so we could all be the princesses we are, in whatever way that may be, as well as the ones we still fantasize about being.

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