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Wedding advice from an old married lady (Part 1)

Hi ladies! I know that the wedding planning process can be tough and it is too easy to get bogged down in the details. As an old married lady of 7 years now haha, here are 3 tips that won't leave you looking back on your wedding like...

1. Figure out what is important to YOU and your partner!

If you don't care about favors, don't have them. If you have always dreamed of having queso or Mexican food at your reception, do it! I am not saying don't take anyone else's opinions to heart but if it is something that truly makes no difference to you or it actually makes ALL the difference, go for it! I am a queso girl through and through but thought it wasn't "nice" enough for a wedding dinner. Looking back, I would have just gone with Mexican food because that is what we love to eat! I mean who wouldn't take a burrito over some roasted chicken?

2. Invitations aren't that important.

I am going to be the bearer of bad news...are you ready? No matter how beautiful your wedding invitations are, they will be in the recycling or trash after your big day. I hate to say it but you do not need to go overboard on invites. You will have plenty of beautiful keepsakes from your wedding day and usually the invitation isn't one of them. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

3. Wedding Planner = MUST HAVE

I know this one is tough because wedding planning services aren't cheap but I promise you there are affordable ones and they are SO WORTH IT! It reduces the stress on the bride and groom to have someone who is project managing for you. At the very least, get a day-of coordinator to keep things moving and on-time. My husband and I had a wedding planner on our modest budget and she was worth every penny. We were able to enjoy our family and friends because it was her job to tell us what to do and when to do it. I cannot stress this planners are worth their weight in gold!!

~ Ashley S.

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