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Let's talk about your size: A list of "don't"s

Bridal sizes run very, 2-3 sizes larger than your regular clothes small. I want every bride to know that, take it in, and...let it go. You are beautiful no matter what that tag says!!

Here are a few "don'ts" when it comes to the shock that can happen when trying on bridal gowns for the first time.

1) Don't let it get you down!! -- It says nothing about your body if you have to go up a few sizes to get the right fit. No 2 bodies are the same so you don't have to fit into the same size and style as the next bride or the one before you. You are special, you are unique, and it is YOUR day!

2) Don't let it keep you from finding the right fit. -- It is much better to order the correct size than to order a dress that you will be so uncomfortable in that you can't enjoy your wedding day OR that you are under an immense amount of pressure to lose weight just to fit into! No one at your wedding will be whispering about how you are usually an 8 at Old Navy but your wedding gown is a 10 or 12. They will be staring at how amazing your look and how you are absolutely glowing!

3) Don't let it stop you from finding "The One". -- Look at all the styles you want and allow yourself to fall in love with your gown without worrying about "this looks bad on my body shape" or "I can't wear that because I refuse to wear a size ___". The number on that tag means nothing if YOU love it.

Remember ladies...size ain't nothin' but a number! :)

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