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The Top 5 Silhouettes Every Bride Should Know

One of the first questions any bride shopping for their wedding dress will have to answer is, "What type of dress are you picturing yourself in?". To help with this sometimes very tough question we've broken down the top five dress silhouettes for you.

1. Ballgown:

Ballgowns are the most classic silhouette and will give any bride the "princess" look just due to its' shape. Ballgowns have a fitted bodice to either the natural waist or dropped waist and the skirt will be wide and full, a look typically achieved by using layers of crinoline or tulle. This silhouette is great for any bride who wants to really accentuate their waistline as well as make a statement.

Morilee 5716

This very regal ballgown by Morilee (style 5716) is a great example of a dramatic skirt created by the use of crinoline layers beneath the satin.

Morilee 5577

Another example of a ballgown is Morilee (style 5577) that uses the "handkerchief" type of skirt, which is layered organza with crinoline underneath, to achieve its' classic ballgown silhouette.

2. Sheath:

Lillian West 66103

A sheath dress is very form-fitting and hugs the body through the hips then falls straight to the floor. This silhouette is perfect for the bride who wants as little fuss as possible when it comes to the dress. In general, sheath dresses have less material and little to no train. This is a great shape for slim or petite brides who are worried about their dress wearing them and not the other way around. I absolutely love a bold lace sheath dress such as these two. The first is a beaded lace dress by Lillian West, style 66103, with a plunging V neckline that is mimicked in the back and a double-banded waist. This dress would be perfect for the bride who wants the glam of a beaded lace but the low-key feel that comes from any sheath silhouette.

Modest by Mon Cheri TR11832

I also chose this bohemian dream of a sheath dress as an example with its' allover lace and buttons that continue all the way to the floor. This is style TR11832 from Mon Cheri's modest collection and, modest or not, this sheath would be perfect on the beach, in a meadow or at a dive bar, whatever the location this gown will bring the beautiful bohemian vibes.

3. A-Line:

A-line dresses are a great compromise for the bride who can't decide between a fitted dress or a ballgown. This silhouette got its' name because of the way it forms an "A" on the body. This is the most universally flattering silhouette, it fits all body types as well as venues, whatever your wedding vibe is this silhouette will be right at home. I absolutely love A-lines because they maintain the classic look of a ballgown but without the over-the-top drama of a ballgown. There is an A-line for every bride and every venue such as this Lillian West that has an overall boho feel with its' large floral applique, fitted bodice and great tulle A-line skirt.

A-lines can also look just as classic as any ballgown but in a more subdued way that lets the bride steal the spotlight instead of just the dress. One of my favorite examples of this is Enchanting gown style 219150 which has a timeless look but a modern fit.

4. Mermaid:

This silhouette needs no introduction and is considered the "sexiest" of all the silhouettes. Mermaid gowns are great for accentuating curves as well as creating them. whether you're already all about that bass or you want to be, this is the shape for you. This silhouette is known for bringing the drama, it is fitted all the way through the hips then flares dramatically below the knee. Most brides think a mermaid means mega curves and mega glam like this Martin Thornburg style 119253 or Morilee style 8177.

Martin Thornburg 119253
Morilee 8177

The mermaid silhouette is known for it's over-the-top drama and curves but it is just as stunning when simple such as this Morilee style 5766.

Morilee 5766

5. Fit and Flare:

One of our most popular silhouettes here at Amour Bridal is the fit and flare. This silhouette has all the hip-hugging, curve appeal as the mermaid but without so much of the drama. Fit and Flare gowns will still hug your body through the bodice, waist and hips but the skirt's flare begins above the kneeing freeing up your legs for easier walking, and more importantly, dancing. Whether you're going for a modern princess look such as this Sophia Tolli style Y11961....

Sophia Tolli Y11961

...or a dress that no one could ever forget like this Martin Thornburg style number 219210. You simply can't go wrong with the fit and flare!!

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