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Tips For a Successful Sample Sale

With our Fall Sample Sale quickly approaching (November 18-26) we want to share our advice on what to expect so that you can make the most out of your shopping experience.

Let's start with what a wedding gown sample sale actually is. Remember that episode of Friends when Monica brings Rachel and Phoebe to "Kleinmans" to purchase her dream wedding dress? Well that's a sample sale! But don't worry, our store requires an appointment for the sale so it's not such a crazy free-for-all!

As a special order bridal store we stock "sample" wedding gowns for customers to try on. When a bride finds the perfect dress we then order the correct size and color for each bride and the dress will take several months to arrive in store. Every season we purchase new samples from our designers to bring in the latest bridal trends. At some point we need to make room for these new samples. That's when we hold a sample sale! These gowns get discounted since they have been tried on by other brides and occasionally have some wear and tear, although honestly, most of our samples are in pristine condition! This is a great time to shop if you are on a tight budget, have wedding date quickly approaching, or just like to find a great deal! We will have over half our inventory on sale up to 70% off starting at $299. We will also have bridesmaids dresses starting at $50.

So now that you know what a sample sale is, here is what to expect:

Arrive 10 minutes early

We will have some paper work for you to fill out and this will ensure it will not eat into your appointment time. Appointments will last 1.5 hours and should you be late to your appointment, it may take away from your appointment time as we will have a fully booked week.

Be prepared to buy

If you happen to fall in love with one of our samples that are on sale, be be prepared to say YES. We will NOT be holding gowns for any reason. If you pass on it, the next bride may very well purchase it. (We may still be able to special order it if the gown is not discontinued but then you would not be able to take advantage of the sample sale price).

Payment is due in full

Because we have dropped our prices significantly for this sale, all sample gowns are sold first come first serve and must be paid in full and taken home that day. We will not be offering payment plans or storage options for sample gowns. We have gowns available for every budget starting at $299 and going up to about $1500 (special order gowns go up to $2200).

Bring the most important people with you

Be sure to bring your mother, MOH, or anyone else you feel must have say in the dress. As mentioned above, if you decide to come back later to show someone else the dress, it may not be available.

Appointments are REQUIRED and we do still have some available so give us a call today to hold your spot - 512-596-5683 or you book online by clicking here.

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