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Why every bride needs to give herself 8 months...

Eight months for what, you ask? You need to have your dress ordered 8 months before your wedding.

8 months might sound like a looooong time to some of you but it is actually the minimum of what we recommend to our brides! We are primarily a special order store so when you order a gown, it is not typically in production at the designer yet. At Amour Bridal, all of our beaded gowns are hand-beaded, for example – that takes a long time to do! If a dress is not already in stock, it takes 4-6 months to come in.

So why the 8 month number?

You also have alterations to consider! 99% of brides need alterations of some sort and we recommend that you allow 2 - 3 months for that process. If you are not doing bridal portraits then you have a bit more time. The most important thing is that you are not rushing around at last minute trying to make sure your dress is perfect. There will be lots of little things that pop up in the weeks leading up to the big day and you don’t want something as major as your wedding gown to be one of them!

So your wedding is coming up in a few months - what to do?

Not to worry! Although we highly recommend at least 8 months there are still plenty of options if you have a tighter time frame. We often sell our sample gowns off the rack and we do have some designers that keep some gowns in stock. Just keep in mind the shorter time frame the fewer options we have.

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